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Welcome to our
hotel - restaurant

Come and taste our specialties!
Enrich them with a good glass of wine ...
Chill out in the quiet of mountains ...

And after your meal, spend the night of falling stars in our cosy hotel!

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Our cuisine is full of Italian sun . When you will listen carefully, you will hear when chief Luca sing while cooking. In the hall of the restaurant you will be welcomed by Katy ...

We offer a traditional Swiss cuisine and Italian specialties with flavors and colors of the changing seasons. You can refine them with some regional wine or wines from neighboring countries.


In the summer terrace offers you a beautiful view of the valley and surrounding mountains.

Our parking is fully available for you.



Hôtel Restaurant
Chez Mantisi

Route du Hameau 24
1880 Les Posses-sur-Bex

024 498 18 19